Briefly in English

What is Painovoima?

Painovoima ry maintains, develops and subleases premises in Takojankatu, Lahti, which also includes studio spaces based on different traditional art methods: a paper workshop, natural textile, and a versatile art graphics workshop in cooperation with the Graphic Artists’ Association of Lahti.

Painovoima is an active operator and developer of city culture and collaborates extensively with different companies, public institutions, communities and individuals. Painovoima is currently working with the Impact Lahti project for the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

Courses / workshops / Events

Currently we are taking new applications for artists and performers for our mobile tourism project. 

 We have huge plans for this summer follow us for updates!

Premises for rent

Painovoima subleases various spaces through Creation HQ circular economy center at Takojankatu 5 for shorter and longer periods of time such as, Creative HQ Gallery, graphic printing workshop, paper making workshop, multipurpose art studio facilities, office spaces and industrial spaces for creative businesses.  The property is located in the center of Lahti, so both train and bus connections make it easy to reach all over Finland.

Contact information

For prices and tours please contact our office by email or by phone.
+358 44 2785923 

Pekka Litmanen          Director/Graphic Artist/Fine Artist/

Taina de Carvalho        Fine Artist/Art therapist/Educator

Petteri Ursin                Project coordinator/DJ/Media 

Mátyás Stoller             Project coordinator/Photographer/Tourism

Irisa Keahey                Project manager/Educator/Sculptor

Santtu Ristola             Intern/Social Media

Erkko Valasti               Intern/Graphic Arts